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It's an educational toy set which is great for kids training their intellectual development, hands-on brain.
Through hands-on assembly, both exercise the flexibility of the hands and thinking.
Can be a scientific tool in science course as well as a interactive toys.
Parents can assemble this with their kids ,which promote their parent-child communication.
Your children can DIY with their classmate ,and discuss some problems they meet.
After installation, access to the battery, and the rear propeller rotates, then the air pushes the car forward.
Note: When properly installed,the wind should be blowing the direction facing the propeller.
If the wind direction is reversed, you can directly reverse the power cable.


Wind power car is a manual experimental material package, mainly for the atmospheric thrust of the experiment.
Main material: wood, ABS plastic
Finished size:(L*W*H) 5.11''*2.36''*2.95''/ 13*6*7.5cm