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“Why do I work so hard, but I am not getting the love, success, and support that I want?”

The Divorced Moms Guide To Dating answers this big question that tired, overwhelmed, single moms struggle with. This book is your blueprint to create your new life. By introducing the 3P’s™ concept to you, Mai Vu takes you on a journey back to yourselves and your birthright. Then she expands you into your freedom and power.

The result is, your HotLifeHotLove™
In addition to finding that special someone, Mai shows you how to be loved, adored and cherished, in everything you do. All aspects of your life will improved including your work life or business.

“It was Mai who got me where I am today—truly nurtured, pampered, and feeling deeply at peace and in flow with my life. I am honored and excited to recommend Mai’s book to you” – Cindy Ashton

The Divorced Moms Guide To Dating offers a blueprint for happiness in dating, in business and in life.

If you are looking to have success datin