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Excerpt from Practical French Course in Fifty Lessons: An Entirely New Method

Originally written for those private students who wish to master French rapidly, either for pleasure or business, the present grammar is now used with great success in colleges and schools, and it has been found to be what a good French method should be, namely: As simple as A B c, as complete as a dictionary, as practical as every-day life, and, withal, as interesting as a novel.

In the two preliminary lessons of this grammar the pupil is taught: First, how to pronounce, read and write French; second, how to distinguish, by a very simple rule, the gender of French nouns, and to form the plural of the same; third, how to acquire an extensive French vocabulary by mere observation.

In the subsequent practical lessons the student is led, gradually and logically, through the intricacies of the lan guage, from those conventional phrases in current daily use.

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