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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

When the body of Dorothy Maynard is found in a local library, it looks like a revenge killing. "Should be easily solved," hopes Richard Nelson ,who had been hired to find her killer. He has just re-united with his girlfriend and wants to spend some time with her.

But when it turns out Dorothy has no past, both Richard and his friend Sergeant Brides are stumped.

Why did Dorothy simply not exist before 15 years ago?
And who on earth would want to kill a harmless librarian?

Richard sets out to find more information about the mysterious Dorothy. Everyone he questions says what a lovely person she was. But when Dorothy's past life is revealed, it turns out she was anything but. In fact there were a few people who may have wanted her dead.

After navigating through red herrings and an unbreakable alibi, Richard finally stumbles on the truth, but in doing so, puts his own life on the line.

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