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Dating for marriage is rarely discussed in our churches, homes or work environments. Some married people feel that sharing information with singles would be putting their own marriage in jeopardy, hence singles are often left to figure things out on their own. Singles are taught things such as the dangers of premarital sex, however, they are not taught key information that would assist them in actually getting married. This book is for women who desire strong family units and healthy relationships. This book shares key information that will get you closer to marriage. This book covers the following: *How to increase your chances for marriage *How to become more approachable in his eyes * How to trust a man *How to discern if he is trustworthy *How to heal form past hurts and disappointments *How to know if you have the right one *How to know if he plans to marry you *What he looks for in a wife *How to stop wasting your time with the wrong man *How to get the love and respect that you