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Troubleshooting step:
1. charging
Video camera needs to be charged for 3-4 hours before using and make certain the battery is billed successfully. When the red light on the camcorder on, it means the battery is billing. When the traffic signal flashes, the link might be poor connected or the battery is defective. Customers who have this sort of problem could call us as well as we will certainly address your trouble with certain details.
2. If the video camera can not be billed.
Obtain the battery and after that bill the video camera with the battery charger. Press the power button on the camera. If the camcorder turns on, the issue needs to get on the battery. If not, the problem needs to be on the charger.
Please read individual's guidebook very carefully before using it.
Please bill the battery approximately 8 hours the very first time you use it.
This video camera is style for amateurs, except Professional individuals.