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I was 28 years old. Single, but not by choice. Tinder just came out, and I was fed up with how seemingly impossible it was to find a serious relationship, despite the fact that it was easier than any other time in history to meet women. I took to my keyboard and penned a blog called The 10 Phases of Dating,’ almost in an effort to mock how many hoops I’d been jumping through to find love, along with false starts and new insights along the way. This learning curve had included the unwritten rules of texting and emoji use, whether or not selfies are a taboo in your dating profile, if hooking up on the first date was a good or bad idea, and understanding the phenomenon of making plans with someone and consistently getting bailed on at the very last minute. The blog resonated with a friend who commented that I should turn the blog into a book. So that’s what I did. Nearly four years later, it’s here. I interviewed more than 30 people for this book. I read all of the chick lit and dating bo