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Bachelorhood used to be something young men aspired to. A man alone was a man empowered. But not anymore. As we cross the threshold into the twenty-first century, the state of being stag has lost its luster.

In A Guy's Guide to Dating, Brendan Baber and Eric Spitznagel shepherd guys from ages thirteen to thirty through the murky waters of the modern dating pool and then escort them down the path to contemporary relationship nirvana, covering all the stages of masculine romantic development. Topics covered start at childhood with "Dating Your Mom (Early Lessons in Love)," "Hand Jive: The Jerk-Off Years," then move on to "High School Confidential: An Introduction to the 16-Year-Old Girl," "Higher Learning (or How to Spend $15,000 a Year to Get Stoned, Date Lesbians, Argue with Feminists, and Contract Herpes," and then end up with "Commitment and Other Things That Scare the @#%! Outta Us" and "The M Word." Readers can say t