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No doubt about it: Yoga is a cultural phenomenon, and it's here to stay! A safe and sustainable practice is more important than ever, given Yoga's growing popularity, a remarkably diverse student base, new teachers joining the ranks and increased awareness about injuries. As lifelong students, we are looking for tips to get the most out of our time on the mat. Likewise, teachers are looking for useful and practical resources to build their confidence and technical skills, and take their teaching to the next level.

EXTRA LOVE: Volume 1 — covering Hips, Twists and Forward Bends — is part of a two-volume set first released at the Yoga Alliance National Leadership Conference in 2011. Selling out at their conference debuts, the books went on to receive widespread praise from teachers and students everywhere. Readers and teachers from all Yoga traditions have praised the book's simplicity, clarity and immediate usefulness/practicality in the classroom. Both books offer: